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Mawe Services
WELCOME TO MAWE SERVICES OFFICIAL WEBSITE . MAWE has established a stationary thermal remediation facility in Warri Nigeria. The facility consists of an Indirect thermal remediation facility that is capable of remediating drill cuttings of any type.

MAWE has maintained an excellent safety record since the Company’s inception. Over the past 15 years, MAWE has experienced only one lost-time accident. MAWE’s safety experience factor places it in the top 3 percent of all contractors in the industry.

MAWE continues to maintain this record by integrating system safety into the overall contract effort. This is accomplished by organizing and implementing a comprehensive safety program for each project and stressing the importance of that program throughout the duration of the project. MAWE will specifically design this type of program for the project immediately after contract award. This program will be based upon MAWE’s corporate safety program, and updated to address the specific requirements of each new delivery order awarded.

The single most important component of business for MAWE Inc. is Health and Safety, both on the project sites and the surrounding areas in which we operate. We believe as a company that Safety is the most efficient and effective insurance policy that can be purchased.