(RC. 228693)

WELCOME TO MAWE SERVICES OFFICIAL WEBSITE . MAWE has established a stationary thermal remediation facility in Warri Nigeria. The facility consists of an Indirect thermal remediation facility that is capable of remediating drill cuttings of any type.



Hire of local labor whenever possible shall be encouraged in other to assist in stimulating the economy of the local community and to develop the skills of the locals. Hiring of local labour shall be done through the community head.
The wages will be commensurate with prevailing rates.

- The local labour shall be encouraged to work as a team with other workers. No work no pay policy shall be applicable to them.
- The company shall reasonably show sense of commitment to host communities by rendering tangible assistance to them. Approval of clients shall be sought before such commitments are made.
- Sensitive positions(Community officer and consultants, etc.) shall be occupied by members of the community.
- Senior members of the company shall do discussion with the community and shall be an on-going exercise.
- At the award of any contract, the company, in consultation and in the company of the client shall visit the community leaders for discussion prior to commencement of work. A gift commensurate with the size of the contract will be presented to the leaders during such meeting.
- Community representatives shall be invited to attend periodic project progress review meetings and assistance rendered to the communities shall be well highlighted in these meetings.
- Community members engaged on security work shall be kept under strict supervision by regular company security staff.
- Cash donation shall not be made to the community except there is an express agreement made with the entire community. Such cash payment shall be properly documented and receipted for.
- Any assistance to the community will be agreed with the community leaders before its implementation

MAWE Services Limited is an indigenous and dynamic environmental company in full operation in Nigeria. We have a large-scale remediation facility in Warri, Nigeria with the focus of improving the environmental standards of life as well as contributing to the local economy. more about us.